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EPDM Rubber Granules

EPDM is the highest used resilient product on the market. Like steel, EPDM has many different grades and is used for many different applications in a multitude of different markets. Our EPDM is specific. We specify all Softroc® EPDM to have the perfect combination of flexibility and durability to give customers the best resiliency possible. Our products are installed in some of the toughest, harshest environments in the world, specifically the wet deck market. Our EPDM not only protects against chlorine, foot traffic, bacteria and UV rays, but looks beautiful, seamless, and is safe. 


Thats why we ensure Softroc EPDM Rubber Granules have all those benefits and more.

High Quality
  • Produced from virgin raw materials

  • ASTM and CSA tested and certified

Color Options
  • 15 standard colors

  • 10 premixed blends

  • Endless custom color combination

EPDM Rubber Granules
  • Pure vulcanized rubber chips

  • 1 - 4mm diameter

  • UV stable

High Elasticity
  • Create slip resistant pool decks

  • Offers fall protection


SBR Rubber Granules

SBR is is a great environmentally friendly surfacing material. Our SBR is long lasting. 


Thats why we ensure Softroc SBR Rubber Granules have all those benefits and is good choice for the environment.

SBR Rubber Granules
  • 1 - 4mm diameter

  • Chemically cleaned to ensure no unwanted particulate or carcinogens

Enviornmentally Friendly
  • Precycled SBR Rubber Granules are manufactured from defective, unused tires

  • Recycled SBR Rubber Granules are manufactured from used tires


RUBAPAVE combines SBR rubber sourced from recycled tires and a specially formulated polyurethane binder, to create a stunning solution for driveways, garages, parking lots and pathways.


RUBAPAVE remains durable and flexible in all weather conditions, making it the perfect long-lasting surface for North Americans. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -148ºF (-100ºC) to 135ºF (57ºC), and be salted and snow plowed. Low maintenance, slip resistant, and resistant to UV Rays, gasoline, diesel, motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and other hostile materials that destroy the looks, and function of traditional surfacing materials.

It combines recycled tire rubber and polyurethane binders to create a porous, non-slip and eco-friendly surface! 

  • The non-slip properties of rubber make for a safe area to walk, play or work

  • RUBAPAVE also has anti-fatigue properties making it comfortable to stand on all day long

  • RUBAPAVE can be salted, shovelled and snow plowed during the winter season

  • Allowing water to flow through reducing pooling of water and ice

  • Recycled SBR Rubber Granules are manufactured from used tires